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Tout l’immobilier n°827 – 3 October 2016

Real Estate and New Technology

A software program offers a way for agencies to stay one step ahead

Digitalisation is progressing in leaps and bounds for real estate professionals, but the competition between suppliers is proving to be very sharp. Realforce, a young Zug based company, is counting on the quality of its offering to find its place in the sun.

by Etienne Oppliger


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Immobilien Business – September 2016

Hand in Hand:

Collaborations facilitate digitalisation

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Immostreet n°198 – 24 August 2016

6 questions about Realforce,

Swiss Real Estate Software.

Interview of Realforce AG Director, Laurent Champé


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Prestige immobilier n°147 – June-September 2015

REAL ESTATE SOFTWARE AND NETWORK simplifies life for real estate agencies and makes it easier for them to work together

The company Realforce AG markets a new software program (CRM) in Switzerland for real estate agencies. The solution has proven its worth abroad and already 30 real estate agencies in Switzerland are using it and collaborating between themselves thanks to an innovative MLS network.


Interview with Laurent Champé, former director at Immostreet and now director at Realforce AG

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