To choose the best real estate brokerage software, here are some answers!

Realforce AG is a Swiss independent limited company based in Zug, with a capital of CHF 800,000.-.

Realforce AG holds exclusive distribution of the Realforce product, with consultants throughout Switzerland who speak your language.

The software has been designed by real estate professionals, which explains its sound understanding of the business. It takes account of the most specialised needs, without ever losing sight of that fact that it must remain simple and fast.
A first version was launched in 2012 with about 30 user agencies. Based on this initial success we have redesigned the solution to offer a version that is more complete, more rapid, and that facilitates exchanges between professionals. The new Realforce version has been available since the end of 2015.

Our mission is to simplify agencies’ lives and help them work together.

With 12 salaried engineers, we have the capacity and will to constantly develop the software in order to take into account the wishes of our clients.

You are no longer hostage to old and rigid software at exorbitant prices.

Contrary to what you know on the market, the Realforce Brokers app is not a copy of the CRM or the agency website. It’s a formidable tool that enables the broker to have everything at his disposal for working in the field. The mobile app allows to take appointments, send brochures or confirmations, while keeping a track of these actions.  Even without internet connection he can show all his properties! Set-up and use free of charge.

Our sales consultants, present throughout Switzerland, are available to meet you in your agency. You can subscribe on our website, Speedtest page, and make an objective 1 hour comparison test, without any commitment. We also organise “Power Mornings” meetings in major swiss cities. These meetings will be the opportunity to discover the Realforce solution and to get trained for free.

A simple written request will suffice to end your contract. Only the current month will be taken into account, without any penalty. There is, however, no reimbursement of annual fees for email or web hosting. This CHF 300.- expense being re-invoiced to Realforce by external service providers.

Our CRM is complete and has no hidden costs. You benefit from 100% of the solution for a total price of CHF 350.-/month including the website. The fees for hosting are offered at cost, without any margin added (CHF 300.-/year) as well as the fees for e-mail (CHF 60.-/year).

Customisation of the website template with your colours and logo is included. If you already have an agency website you wish to keep, your webmaster can easily connect it to the CRM thanks to our API. We can also offer you websites made to measure at reasonable cost (based on estimate).

A free training session of 4 hours is given to you when installing Realforce in your agency. Subsequently and if necessary, private courses at CHF 150.-/hour can be given at your place. Our « Customer Care » is free and responds to your questions by phone on all working days. Designed by real estate professionals, the software is very simple, intuitive and user-friendly.

The whole system has been designed to provide maximum security both to safeguard your information and to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. The hosting of your data is in Switzerland. As an option, you can activate a personal authentication system with a new password sent to your mobile before each session.

MLS is both the most efficient and most secure means of collaborating between real estate agents. Agencies agree to share their commission between them in fixed proportions on a case-by-case basis. The principal agent selects each property that he wishes to share in MLS. The details of the properties are masked. An agreement between the parties enables the principal broker to reveal all the information on the property. The secondary broker can then print a file in a click, with his own colours and without a double entry.

Realforce is the CRM that is not only the easiest to use, but also the most complete and least expensive. It benefits from many years of international experience and has been adapted to Swiss particularities. Discover on the website the 9 advantages of Realforce. Realforce has developed, as an exclusivity in Switzerland, an app dedicated to brokers that functions even without a network and works on iOS (Apple) and Android. All this free of charge!

Realforce is a software package that enables real estate agencies to manage their business more efficiently. The CRM allows you to centralise all your properties and customers in a single place so as to be able to locate this information and use it easily. The software saves you time thanks to automatic tasks such as the creation of files or publication on real estate portals. Realforce also offers the MLS module, a platform for exchanges between real estate agencies and many other modules.