Our real estate agency DNA, with its deep understanding of technology, is what gives us our distinct difference.
Ours is very far from the software launched by website portals for advertising, or from those launched
by engineers who have never sold an apartment in their life. Sign up now for a demo!

The 9 Realforce benefit

Choose the smartest solution for real estate brokerage!

Mobile application for brokers

The only CRM designed for use in the field

Created by brokers
for brokers

Exclusivity in Switzerland

Functions even without a network

Accessible &

Better than a simple reproduction of CRM which is slow and complicated, not adapted to mobile use and dependent on internet. Realforce offers a brokerage application that is simple and effective, designed exclusively for use on tablet or smartphone.
"Thanks to this mobile application, even when we are on a visit with our clients, we can immediately offer them a new selection of properties and organise the visits. No more need to wait until we’re back in the office and run the risk of competitors presenting these properties before we can. The client gains time and we don’t lose contact with him."
Frédéric Furrer, Sorg Worldwide Properties
0848 18 19 20


Take control of your agency

Compare the efforts and performance of your brokers

Visualise your advertising expenses and response

Analyse your turnover per broker, type of property, partner, media, etc.

Follow the conversion of a call into a sales with the pipeline

EXCLUSIVITY: All properties sent by the mobile app, all visits and other tasks done with the mobile app go to the CRM for reporting. All without effort or delay.
"Realforce is the ideal CRM tool for our brokerage activities. It’s simple, powerful, modern and combines all the key functionalities. We gain in efficiency and productivity with costs under control!"
Christophe Ortiz, PRIVALIA
0848 18 19 20

Modern and rapid software

More time for selling

Our biggest strength is, without a doubt, our understanding of the profession of the hurried real estate broker and the agency director in need of information. Our challenge was to design a product that is both complete and simpler than our competitors. It is easy to compare a list of features or two prices. To prove that we are simpler, we propose a “speedtest” to complete 8-10 common tasks.
A slow and complicated software program is a thing of the past.
"One notices at once that Realforce has been developed by brokers, for brokers. Everything’s simple and rapid. As former director of « Courtiers Partenaires », I know how difficult it is to build software that is very complete but that remains simple."
Bertrand Dominé, ACTIMMO
0848 18 19 20

Ultra-complete promotions module

All the tools to sell a promotion

Price tables and availabilities

Construction planning and payments

Brochures for the promotion and units

API towards your agency website and the promotion site

Tailor-made website templates for only CHF 5,000.-/promotion

"Only 15 minutes to input all the information for a promotion of 16 apartments. The site and the brochures are created automatically, whereas it takes several hours with other, more costly software packages."
0848 18 19 20

Simple and unlimited MLS

Collaborate effectively between agencies

Create your partner network

Choose the properties to exchange

Brochure with or without logo

Inter-agency matching

Collaborate with whoever you like, thanks to the MLS. It’s an ideal tool for agency networks or regular partners. It sets no rules, it’s you who decides with whom to work, which properties to share and when, in full security and with traces.
"Agencies collaborate more and more. The MLS not only enables us to avoid spending time copying files, but also suggests to us inter-agency matchings. We also gain in security, with a trace kept for each property shared. "
Gary Tordjman, ROUSSEAU n°5
0848 18 19 20

Generation of complete reports

More transparency for more peace of mind

Buyers, owners, renters or lessors are aware of your efforts

Agency financial reports for your accounting

Automatic calculation of commissions for your brokers and partners

Data entry from the mobile application with no effort from the broker

"No more surprises for the brokers, accounting, the sellers and buyers. Everything is clear in real time on what is produced by whom and due to each. And what a time-saver too!"
0848 18 19 20

Agency website

Free or tailor-made, the website best suited for your agency

Customisable responsive agency website

API to boost your existing website

iFrame available

Tailor-made proposal and implementation

Optimised SEO architecture

Sharing on social media

"My website was activated in just a few minutes after I registered. It was customised in my colours free of charge. It is responsive, with tabs for promotion, social sharing, etc. It would have cost me several thousand francs with the competition."
0848 18 19 20

Messaging, Schedule and CRM synchronised

Following my files becomes simple

Synchronisation of e-mails and the CRM schedule with Exchange servers, Google and other systems.

Ticketing and possibility of linking each e-mail to a contact and/or a property.

Then retrieve the e-mails exchanged in the reports.

Sharing of schedules possible between colleagues.

"For years I looked for a CRM that enabled me to consult all my e-mails, appointments, sent messages and other tasks relating to a contact or property. What’s more, it costs me 10 times less than my old software."
Régie Zurichoise en cours de migration
0848 18 19 20

Simply the best offer

Feel free

A single simple offer (modules and updates included)

Unlimited users, MLS exchanges and gateways

CRM and website set up in just a few minutes

No installation or migration costs in the all-inclusive offer

No commitment required and no penalties

Export your data in just one click

Archive your images in HD format

Data hosting in Switzerland

Free start-up training

All included for CHF 350.– /month*
or à la carte from CHF 75.– /month*

*unlimited number of users
"With Realforce, everything’s simple, even their contract. No traps, no exorbitant rates, no hidden costs or break fees. On Realforce my data are accessible at all times, with photos saved in HD, exportable free of charge in a click. That’s reassuring for me."
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The Realforce offer

Choose the most complete real estate brokerage solution!

Working at the speed of light, even without a network. Brokers now close their visits by showing all their new properties to their clients right away. The next tour can be organised without losing precious contact with the buyer.

Brokers can make appointments or send properties directly from the application. All information is effortlessly sent to the CRM for reporting.

Customisation of the template in the colours of your agency. Responsive design for tablets and smartphones with all options: 4 languages, sharing on social networks, referencing, promotions, etc.
iFrame available for integration in your website
API available for your Webmaster to connect the CRM to your existing website
Creation of your tailor-made websites possible on quote
4 customisable templates in the colours of your agency
Tailor-made brochure possible (on quote)
Graphs and tables with key figures
Comparison of efforts and results of brokers
Comparison of costs and media response
Pipeline: converting a prospect into a client
Monitoring of sales and link with accounting
Sent items, visits, calls, estimates, price changes, all is available and can be consulted or shared.
On properties and contacts with mass actions. Auto-matching with daily suggestions for the brokers.
Owners, buyers, tenants, lessors reports
Monitoring reports of brokers
Visualisations on tables or graphs
Excel exports for more freedom
Monitoring of marketing expenses
Monitoring of sources of requests
Analysis of cost /contact per media and per property or global
API to send your properties to your dedicated promotion site
Several customisable dedicated website templates at CHF 5’000.-/promotion
1 customisable promotion brochure template
Worksite planning, unit inventory, payment plan, etc.
Ultra-rapid system for promotion entry
Integration of your messaging and schedules on Exchange server, Google and other systems.
In one click save all your data free of charge in a structured manner. We recommend you do this once per month or week in addition to our security systems.
Simple, rapid, unlimited and free. Your data belong to you, you use them as you wish and always in a clear and structured manner. Logical, isn’t it? But only with Realforce!

All included for CHF 350.–/month* 

or à la carte from CHF 75.–/month* 

*unlimited number of users

0848 18 19 20


*   Development in progress

** 500.- Fee for installation and migration of data in the “A la Carte Solution”
     Fees inclusive in “All Inclusive Solution”

Who we are?

Realforce AG is a limited company based in Zoug.  Launched by real estate professionals, the company is independent and its mission is to preserve the indispensable services of the estate agent.

Our mission

To make the real estate agent indispensable, to simplify life, and to encourage collaboration with other professionals. Website portals, the private sector and new technologies are trying to make the real estate agent useless.  The main mission of Realforce is, on the other hand, to show owners and buyers how indispensable this service actually is. How does it do this? By offering them tools and information that the private sector will never have. For example our MLS portal is a kind of B2B service, which allows agencies to share properties that are not available on the market or web portals.


Our real estate agency DNA, with its deep understanding of technology, is what gives us our distinct difference. Ours is very far from the software launched by website portals for advertising, or from those launched by engineers who have never sold an apartment in their life. Sign up now for a demo!



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