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With your centralised data and our innovative tools, you will be faster, more reactive, and you’ll miss nothing. Realforce performs numerous tasks in your place, and allows you to focus on the customer.

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All your data are centralised and easy to find. The days of multiple entries are over. With Realforce, a single entry is enough to create or modify a file. Then in a click, the information will be updated on your website, paper brochures, your agency’s TV, the real estate portals, and your iPads and iPhones.

Free website

Choose one of our 4 responsive website models and customize it with your colours and logo. This is completely free of charge. We can link your existing website with the CRM.

Customer follow-up

In an increasingly competitive environment, you can no longer afford to forget tasks. You constantly receive requests from portals, by word of mouth, from colleagues, the press and so on. The « leads manager » enables you to keep track of each request and ensure its follow-up

MLS partners

This is a platform for exchanges between real estate agents wishing to share properties and information. Competitive agencies thus become partners. They agree to share their commission between them in fixed proportions on a case-by-case basis. The visible properties can be selected in a limited manner in the MLS. An agreement between the parties allows the principal broker to reveal all the information on the property. The secondary broker can then, in a click, print a file with his colours without a double entry.


You need to be able to show your properties at any moment from anywhere, send them out or access your contacts. The mobile « brokers » application enables you to be 100% efficient with a simple iPhone or iPad. A trace of all items sent out is retained by the software. The application is totally secure and even functions without a network.

Control & Credibility

All your despatches, calls and appointments are recorded automatically. You obtain reports and charts in one click. Gain credibility with owners, customers and your partners. They see that you are in control of the situation.

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